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October 2018

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The spectacle of Halloween is about far more than scary costumes and horror films. The best Halloween parties are truly immersive, with the element of terror extending to every detail – from the decorations to the food itself. To get you started on your spooky soirée, here's a helping of delicious Halloween food ideas.


'Orrible Oreo eyeballs

If you have a sweet tooth, this Oreo-based recipe should hit the spot. These biscuits look suitably gruesome for entertaining your friends and family, and are simple to make and flavorsome too.

  • Take the top off an Oreo cookie, taking care to leave the white center intact.

  • Create the eye pattern using piped icing.

  • For a creepy pupil, finish with a small M&M or a chocolate chip.

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Timing is everything. And that couldn't be more true when it comes to fall real estate. Property markets fluctuate according to a variety of reasons, but the time of the year is among the most regular and predictable factors impacting your chances of making a sale. Here we take a look at four compelling advantages of selling your home in the fall.

There's less competition

In most parts of the world, spring steals the show when it comes to the property market, usually due to people wanting to capitalize on the coming weather and increased curb appeal that it brings. With so many people selling, though, it can be difficult to make your own property stand out from the crowd. Autumn is typically a quieter season for the market, meaning you'll have

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Many of you may know that we have shops in Destin & 30A Beaches - two areas that are unfortunately in the path of catastrophic Hurricane Michael. Over 40 members of Engel & Völkers and their families have had to evacuate due to Hurricane Michael and may face serious damage when they return.

Together with our fellow Engel & Völkers peers and members of the real estate industry, we would like to raise a fund on their behalf to donate to those in need in the aftermath.

Whether you're able to contribute monetarily or by sharing the GoFundMe campaign link on your social media, we appreciate your support.

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